Dboys AK Front Sight Threaded Dowel Redesigned

To kick off the first post of Looney Airsoft, I have to say that I am a big fan of AK’s and find the VFC to be one of the best designed Airsoft AK’s available on the market. Very fortunately, Dboy copied the VFC’s after VFC ended their production on their AK’s, and Dboy offered their AK’s, especially their full steel AK’s at a steal-of-a-deal price.Unfortunately, as common as Dboy AK’s have become, I have found nearly all the front sights on the 3 Dboy AK’s I have owned to have a loose front sight post. Even on my full steel Dboy AK104, I found the front sight to be very loose and have inconsistent tolerances throughout the cylinder.

The front sight cylindrical threaded dowel is thinner than other parts throughout the length of the post, which contributes to its loose fit in the front sight. Even though people would say “this is an AK,” the iron sights are designed to give the shooter a reference point, and a sight that cannot hold its zero is no bueno. Honestly, the sight shaking on the other end bugs me more than any logical reason that can be thought of.

So instead of scavenging for this airsoft AK part that would probably be too loose still in the front sight, especially since the paint or finish chips off easily, or taking my chances with a real AK front sight post not fitting properly, I figured that I might as well make my own AK Front Sight Threaded Dowel. Here’s the first 3-D Model I came up with.

Current AK Front Sight Threaded Dowel Design found on Dboys and VFC AK’s

However to fix the problem of tolerances being different throughout the other Dboys front sights, I redesigned this front sight post to take two o-rings that will not only keep the front sight post from loosing its set position, but it should be more compatible and be a good replacement part for anyone out there who is very bothered by many of these AK front sights shaking around on their Dboy front sight. Here’s my newly redesigned AK Front Sight Threaded Dowel.

Newly Designed AK Front Sight Threaded Dowel Design

I plan to get this made physically and test to see if this concept really works well in my Dboy and VFC AK’s. Stay tune for more!


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